You can read about our customers’ experiences with the ProfiChondro OMEGA® nutritional supplement here.

Marie, Mikulov

„I’m now taking my third pack of ProfiChondro Omega and feel a great sense of relief and improvement in my right knee. The problems haven’t disappeared completely, but they’re much better and less painful under normal or greater strain. Thanks to ProfiChondro Omega I can manage to exercise and go for easy walks.”

Pavla, Třinec

„I have had problems with my right knee for several years now. I go for regular check-ups and have tried lots of different treatments. I was also recommended the ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement, which I ordered. It arrived very quickly and I started taking it immediately. Relief came after taking it for about three weeks. I realised that I’m not limping anymore and I can raise my knee up to my chin (as I could when I was young, and I was born in 1934). I hope it lasts.”

Magdalena, Dolní Břežany

„As I had hurt my left knee in a serious accident and as my job puts a lot of strain on one side of my spine, I had problems with my joints, ligaments and tendons. I’ve been taking ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement in capsule form for 2 years now. Those problems are now gone, and so I am convinced that I am taking the very best nutritional supplement for joint care and heartily recommend it to anyone who has similar ailments. Thank you to all those experts involved in developing this nutritional supplement for making my day-to- day life so much better and easier.”

Miloslava, Příbram

„I‘m 57 years old, am overweight and have problems with my hips and spine. I’ve been taking ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement for joint care for several months now and I’m very satisfied with it. When I occasionally used to try other products, I didn’t notice any effect, but ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement is excellent and I like it that it doesn’t come in the usual incredibly hard tablets. So, at my doctor’s recommendation I bought an exercise bike and exercise on that. This combination seems to work for me. I don’t have any problems now and no longer feel restricted in terms of joint mobility.”

Paní Diana, Praha

„After giving birth to my son, who is now 7, I started to have a big problem with my knee. I’d never experienced anything like that before. It was obviously caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy and frequent walks with my baby, not to mention hauling the pushchair up the stairs to the second floor of the building we live in. When it eventually became intolerable, I started to deal with the situation and followed a recommendation to try the ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement for joint care. I took this product for six months. I felt a great sense of relief very quickly and now can hardly believe that my knee ever gave me trouble. I consider myself to be a walking advertisement for this nutritional supplement, but unfortunately experience is non-transferable.”

Ludmila, Prague

„After an operation on an open fracture in my right ankle I found things very difficult and nothing seemed to help. Following a recommendation I started taking ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement in 2013. The stiffness in my ankle eased and my mobility improved. I get up in the morning and have no problem walking the same on both feet normally. After greater exertion I also take ProfiChondro Cream, which provides great relief not only to joints, but also to strained muscles. I am now a completely different person.”

Karel, Vyškov

„I’ve been receiving treatment for problems with my knee joints for a long time now. A few years ago I was recommended to try the ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement. I took the advice and wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who has the same knee problems as I do. The customer centre also works perfectly – pleasant staff and the goods delivered very quickly.”

Marie, Kolín

„I’ve had problems with my hips and knees for a long time. Some days I was unable even to go to the shops. Without my husband, who drove me everywhere, I don’t know what I would have done. I looked for help everywhere, until I found ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement for enhanced joint care on the internet. I would like to thank you very much for this product. I’m on my fourth pack now and can walk with very little problem. Although I can hardly grab a backpack and go for a hike, it’s a great feeling to be able to walk without difficulties. I’m going to continue using the product and am sure it will get even better.”

Zdeňka, Brno

„I’d like to share my good feelings from using the ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement to care for my joints. I’ve had a problem with my knee and spine for more than 2 years now. I could hardly move my knee and had terrible problems with my back. I ended up at orthopaedics, where they prescribed me an injection, which gave me some relief, but didn’t get rid of the problem completely, which is why I was also recommended to try ProfiChondro. I started taking it and felt relief after just 3 weeks. I found it hard to believe, but that’s really the way it was. I’ve now been using ProfiChondro Omega for more than 5 months and feel very good. My knee and back hardly hurt at all, I can bend over, my knee moves well, and I can even manage to climb the stairs, which I couldn’t do before. I can even go dancing sometimes – not exactly disco, but I can do it. I also recommended ProfiChondro Omega to my mum, and she’s delighted with it. I’m going to continue taking this nutritional supplement, as I can’t imagine life without it now. It really has helped me a lot and I can move normally again. So, I’d like to thank those who made ProfiChondro Omega for developing something that has helped me and other people.”

Václav, Benešov

„I am very satisfied with the ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement. I have been taking it for almost three years now, as recommended, and in all that time I haven’t had any of the problems I used to suffer from. Thank you for your very good work.”

Lenka, Ostrava

„I’ve been taking ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement from the Arthritis Centre for a long time at the recommendation of a specialist. After taking it for around 2 years I felt much better and stopped using it. After a while I started to feel my old joint problems returning. I took advantage of a special offer, re-ordered ProfiChondro Omega and feel better again. I can recommend it to anyone with ailing joints. I have no problems with it, no side effects at all. When I tried various support supplements from the pharmacy, they had no effect. If you don’t believe me, give it a try!”

Jarmila, Praha

„My mum and I have had joint problems for a long time now, especially in our knees. This appears as stiffness in the morning and occasional pain. We go for knee injections practically every year. We were also recommended to take ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement to care for our joints and to keep them healthy. We’re both very satisfied with it. After taking it for six months we started to feel some relief and no longer had to go for the injections. My mum also recommended ProfiChondro Omega to her friend, who is 70 years old, and she was very happy with it, too. We know that it can’t cure our problems completely, but it does offer us some relief from the ailment.”

Paní Milena, Praha

„Many years ago I wasn’t paying attention when walking along the pavement in Prague and fell over, or stepped below the level of the pavement with the entire weight of my body, causing a very painful injury to my knee joint. The knee did not heal even after a long time in physiotherapy, and in fact other problems began to appear. After all this unsuccessful treatment I dealt with the situation by taking painkillers. However, that wasn’t a good solution. I was also recommended to try the ProfiChondro Omega nutritional supplement for joint care. I was convinced that it would be just another in a series of ancillary, mostly useless treatments. However, I must admit that I soon changed my mind, as it brought me relief from all those years of pain and I can now go back to my beloved strolls around Prague. Although I know my joint will never go back to how it was, my day-to- day life will certainly be far easier.”