About the product

ProfiChondro Original OMEGA® is a complex nutritional supplement with a unique formula for maintaining healthy and supple joints. It contains substances and natural extracts with proven effects. These effects are uniquely enhanced by combining a morning dose containing glucosamine sulphate with an evening dose rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids for everyday optimal care for your joints.

  • enhanced care for joints and cartilage
  • for maintaining healthy and supple joints
  • for ensuring that joint cartilage functions as it should

The new formula of the morning dose now contains something extra: curcumin extract with piperine and type II native collagen

Curcumin extract from turmeric is outstanding at maintaining healthy and supple joints, as proven by clinical studies.1 It is complemented by piperine extract, which greatly improves the absorption and use of curcumin in the body.2

Another new ingredient is type II native collagen in the natural form of a triple helix. This type of collagen is also the most common type in joint cartilage.

The basic constituent in ProfiChondro OMEGA® is glucosamine sulphate in a daily dose ofe 1500 mg (in 2 capsules for the morning dose), complemented by extract of Boswellia serrata, type I collagen and vitamin C. Glucosamine sulphate is one of the most widely used active agents in joint nutrition, also thanks to a number of clinical studies. 3 In the body glucosamine sulphate is a raw material in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid contained in joint sebum and the synthesis of proteoglycans, which, together with collagen, form the strong and flexible material that makes up joint cartilage.

Boswellia serrata (frankincense) helps to keep joints supple and healthy.4 4 Type I collagen is found in the tendons, ligaments, menisci and bones. Vitamin C promotes the creation of collagen to ensure that joint cartilage functions as it should.

The morning dose with glucosamine is uniquely complemented by the capsules for the evening dose, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids for an enhanced effect. This effect has been confirmed by a clinical study.5

ProfiChondro OMEGA® cares for your joints all day long.


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